If you are like us and consider Christmas dinner as the occasion to create a special menu where food and wine are paired without any false notes, then you can find here our special Christmas pairings.

To begin, we suggest marrying our Château Blanc with your festive aperitive. Its beautiful freshness combined with its white flowers and pear notes and its delicate iodized finish will perfectly match a seafood platter or salmon toasts and blinis.

For starters,to sublime foie gras based recipes such as Foie Gras French toast or even a Foie Gras crème brulée we would recommend our Agnès Blanc. Its round, roasted and brioche notes are balanced by a remarkable freshness. La Chapelle Blanc will also complement your foie gras starters. Our extra tip :  citrus compote with Agnès Blanc, apple compote with La Chapelle Blanc.


For your main course, if you are opting for a traditional stuffed turkey or duck, the key cuvée is la Chapelle Rouge. Its body, elegant tannins and complexe aromatic palette composed of blackcurrant, thyme and pepper will highlight the flavours of your dish. For game lovers whether it is deer or boar why not daring the Agnès Rouge? Its powerful attack, prune notes and its silky tanins will have the required intensity to match the flavours of game meat.

With your cheese platter, we would recommend switching back to whites. With fresh and soft cheese Château blanc will be the perfect match, while with stronger cheeses your friend will be La Chapelle Blanc.

For chocolate desserts accompanied with fresh red fruits or in sauce, like the traditional “Bûche de Noël” (Yule log) we would put forward our elegant Chapelle Rouge. Whereas desserts without chocolate, like a revisited log with raspberries and pistachios will be best accompanied by the Chapelle Rosé with its red fruits aromas and its pleasant ending bitter notes.


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