This year we are celebrating the 150th anniversary of our emblematic Chapel which is located at the heart of our vinyeard. It was built in 1873 in honour of Angès Roissard de Bellet, the wife of the 5th Baron of Bellet who died at the age of 23 and whose statue is now watching over our harvest room. The Chapel is built of white stones, brought from a famous quarry, in la Turbie, next to Monaco.


No renovations have been made since its construction, you can admire the original paintings ornating the inside of the chapel, making it a unique monument. Today, the Chapel is open to the public and hosts our shop, our offices and our tasting room.



According to the quality of the vintage, an exceptional cuvée of white and red wine is produced in Agnès’ name. This cuvée Agnès distingishes itsef from the other cuvées as the red is composed of 100%  Folle noire, an indiginous grape of the appellation, while for the white we choose the best plots of Rolle. The last produced vintages were 2016 for the red, out of stock at the moment, and 2017 for the white. Two new vintages will soon be available, keep your eyes open, more to come…


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