assemblage dégustation

At  Château de Bellet, blending is an important stage of our winemaking process. It consists in mixing several wines from different grapes varieties. Alternatively, wines made of a same grape  variety but originating from different areas are blended to obtain a cuvée. For example, we blend wines made of Chardonnay and Rolle for our whites while our rosé are made of 100% Braquet in which wines made of grapes from various areas are blended.



First of all, wines of each tank and barrel are tasted in order to understand their characteristics. Several samples are than created containing different proportions of the different wines previously tasted. These samples are tasted again and compared in order to select the most qualitative.

Blending grapes from several batches allows to differentiate the ranges characteristics from one another. Once the blending is completed, the remaining step is to reproduce the selected sample in its actual proportions. Once the ageing is complete, we then bottle the wine.

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